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Memories from history of our school

Near Tadeusz Kościuszko's  square there is a building of former primary school (nowadays -Junior High School no. 1). It was built in 1904 and it shares architectural features typical for the Prussian education system.

On 5th January 1919 the post of the manager of Polish school took Mr. Ferdynand Fiebieg, a teacher from Adamowo who was fighting for Poland in the Great Poland uprising.

In 1934 elementary schools were separated and only the female part of school population stayed in here. Mr. Jan Lipieński took management of it. The school was named after Tadeusz Kościuszko. There were also organized trainings for adults.

During the last months of occupation there was a military hospital in the school building. On the 26th February - the day after the release - Mrs. Ewa Kumoch set about working on organization of school. Life was rebuilt and the authorities of school were organized. Education in this school started on 26th February 1945. The school was named after Tadeusz Kościuszko - just the same as before the war - Public School no. 2 and it embraced all the girls from the school area ( Wolsztyn, Karpicko, Komorowo, Niałek Wielki and Berzyna). The school organization was taken by Mrs. Ewa Kumoch. She was also managing this school until 22nd March. The first teachers were : Ciesielska Pelagia, Mielochowa Cecylia, Raczkowiak Irena, Nowak Czesław and Mądroch Maria. The school year 1945/46 began on 4th September with a church service. The staff started its work with enthusiasm and they realized that it was the first normal school year after a long war break. A serious neglect in education and lack of manners among  young people - these were difficulties that they had to fight with. Despite  harsh conditions, school fulfilled didactic functions, but it also brought the children up. During  holidays girls went on summer camps. In the school year 1948/49 two coeducation schools were organized in Wolsztyn. As a result the number of students decreased. At the beginning of the 50s the number of  teachers increased to 15. In the school year 1955/56renovation of the building took place. The walls were painted, the stoves were moved, the roof of the main building was repaired and the rest of the roofs were conserved with a tar. Active work of a scout troop drew attention. The teachers were devoted to social work.

The number of children was growing systematically. In the school year 1961/1962 Mr. Jan Lipiński  retired and Mr. Tadeusz Früauff. took up the management of school.  Due to the fact that the building of School no. 3 was completed and opened on 16th February 1963 and that  the town was divided into regions - a part of the students from School no. 2 and no. 1 went to School no. 3. Such a change caused also some personal changes among teachers. During the summer 1963 a small and partly a large building of school was renovated.  Moreover, a central heating system documents started to be worked out. Two years later further renovation was carried out. As a result, it rose school comfort, safety and esthetics. In the school year 1968/1969  further personal changes in the management of school took place - Mr. T. Früauff went on a sick leave, and management of school was taken by Mr. Julian Wirt. In 1972/1973 a school in Nowe Tłoki was joined as a branch of our school. From 15th October 1976 Mr. Kukla - Health and Safety inspector, ordered the closure of the small school building. There was also a decision about  renovation of a small and large building . March 1977 was the date of starting the renovation. 1984/1985 school year was commemorated in school life. Mr. Julian Wirt  - many years' standing principal. Mr. Stanislaw Warguła became the principal and Mrs. Gabriela Banaszak hold the post of a deputy head.

The school urgently needed to be made bigger as in the area of our school a housing estate for hundreds of families was built. Teenagers participated actively in social works for the benefits of city and school. They looked after a cemetery of Soviet prisoners and insurgents' graves . Then a collection of money started. For two years they collected 5 million zlotys, which was enough to pay for the documentation. Fortunately, money needed was found and in July 1986 the extension of the school building started . The pace of building was bewildering . It was built so quickly that designers couldn't manage to record the documentation . Because of that the building has many faults what makes work more difficult. The corridors and location of a library are non-functional, lack of a large room or a hall where assemblies or other school events could be organized. Despite everything everyone was very happy arranging the school. On 1st September 1988 the school was opened. That year Mrs. Grażyna Jańska took the position of a principal. In A half year later a beautiful gym with measurements: 42 meters x 18 meters was given to use. Moreover, a playground and other sports facilities were modernized. The school worked for a year in comfort . Immediately ,just after the opening, preparations for naming the school after Tadeusz Kościuszko took place (actually for returning to pre-war name). A long-term plan of preparations was made ready. After two years , on 10th September 1990, the school superintendent from Zielona Góra named the school.        

The school was developing continuously. After purchasing modern audio-video equipment, the first AV room in Wolsztyn and one of the first in the province of Zielona Góra was set up. It was equipped with a rich collection of tapes and run by the librarians. The school government opened and run a school shop. Moreover, they began a school newspaper - ‘Dwója'. As part of ecological education the school continued close cooperation with a ‘Diana'  hunt what led to a hand over of a modern video recorder. From the second term of the school year 90/91 a part of elementary classes were moved to a new building converted from a kindergarten on Powstańców Wielkopolskich street, which was a branch of primary school no.2. From a new school year the branch was transformed in an independent Primary School no.5. with elementary classes. The school base was being modernized continuously. A Xerox machine and a digital camera were bought and it was all from funds worked out by school and school council. Higher and higher qualifications of teachers and modernization of the school base brought teaching, educational and sporting effects. After 80 years of activity on  31st September 1999 Primary School no.2 named after Tadeusz Kościuszko stopped existing. In this place a Junior High School no.1 in Wolsztyn was set up.




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